An overview of B-side’s exhibitions…

You will find below a selection of pictures of performances and exhibitions which took place during the second edition of the Festival. You can find more pictures of each group/artist on their B-side’s page. Enjoy!

with: Lucy Sarneel & Jelle Kampen

with: Christiaan Lebens & Fien de Graaf
“Dreispaltigkeit – Einblicke”
with: Muriel Lang, Katharina Kataros & Emanuel Manolo

“Inyanim Group”
with: Rory Hooper, Aviv Kinel, Gregory Larin, Tehila Levi, Michal Oren , Kobi Roth, Dana Seachuga, Deganit Stern Schocken , Edda Vardimon Gudnason

with: Dinie Besems
 “Black to Kawaii”
with: Patxi Calvo & Gitte Nygaard
with: Lisa Björke, Märta Mattsson, Francisca Bauza, Nina Sajet
 “Mute Items/Talkative’s object”
with: Morgane de Klerk
“Skin, jewels and other curiosities”
with: Florie Dupont and Muriel Laurent
 “They all love you”
with: Bea Correa
“I was a cloud”
with: Vanessa de Gruijter
“Where the Heart is”
with: Maaike Ebbinge, Iris Tsante, Noémie Doge
“News from Nowhere”

with: Antje Godglück & Julia Walter
“Students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy – Jewelry Department ‘Het Sieraad’”
with: Liesbet Bussche as a guest teacher
“Bórax08001 collective / 
Jewellery Displaced”
with: Aline Berdichevsky, Andrea Nabholz, Gaston Rois, Carolina Martinez Linares, Carolina Gimeno, Cristina Martí Mató, Dalia Jurado, Nelly Van Oost, Patricia Domingues, Trinidad Contreras

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